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A quality, cost-efficient comfortable system installation begins with a professional HVAC design

Rooftop Installation

Expert, Quality HVAC Installation
By A Company With
Over 25 Years
Of Experience

Boiler Room

Superior HVAC and Boiler repair service for Wilkes Barre, Scranton, and all of Northeast PA

Boiler Room

Comprehensive services for all types of backflow prevention devices

HVAC Design, Installation and Repair. Serving Wilkes Barre, Scranton, and all of Northeast PA
HVAC Techs

HVAC Service

Indoor air quality is becoming an increasingly important issue with businesses around the world. With every year that passes, businesses rely more and more on electronic devices which need.

HVAC Techs

Boiler Service

Whether it’s Emergency Service, Installation, or Boiler Repairs, and even complete engineering of your entire boiler room, United Heating and Air Conditioning is your complete service provider.

HVAC Techs

Automatic Temperature Controls

Using direct, digital controls for HVAC operations, United Heating and Air Conditioning customers achieve system performance and higher energy efficiency higher efficiency which, in turn, translates into

Certified Backflow Testing & Repair